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We Make Headlines in DC

If you are looking to make a news splash in DC, call on Massey Media. From influencing international policy and trade with Egypt to gaining new audiences for a local theater group starring people with disabilities, and everything in between, our team is making headlines in our nation’s capital. Massey Media is a DC public relations company that helps you harness the power of the press to promote the arts, environmentalism, social justice, and socially responsible businesses.


In addition to making headlines, we’ve already empowered hundreds of communicators this spring in our storytelling and media training workshops. We trained mountain justice activists, the owners and members of the Affinity Lab, low-wage workers with the DC Employment Justice Center, and local leaders who took our story telling workshops. Last week, we spent an afternoon with the O Street Studios artists preparing for their forthcoming art opening. Here is one of handouts written by Sarah Massey on how to reach your target audience through media relations.

DC Venture Summit & Startup Job Fair
Join Massey Media at the Affinity Lab this Friday night at the DC Venture Summit & Startup Job Fair. This event will feature presentations on some of the most cutting edge entrepreneurial concepts by leading area startups, as well as provide great networking and a Startup Job Fair. As a public relations veteran, Sarah Massey will be giving a talk on how Massey Media recently overcame the challenge of a shrinking traditional media. She will also share insights on how the press and producers view stories and strategies for getting your message out by making news. The Summit is a laid back atmosphere targeted at connecting startups, investors, and stakeholders and providing a forum for discussing the latest and greatest in entrepreneurship. RSVP here:http://dcvs.eventbrite.com

Recent press results for our clients:

Please call Massey Media at 202 445-1169 to make headlines or participate in a media training. We hope to talk to you soon!

Transitions, Transportation and Transformation in Edgewood


(Washington, DC, July 17, 2009) — Usually, when commuters step off the train at the Rhode Island Metro Station, they are greeted by shopping outlets, street traffic, and a vast stretch of concrete. However, as of this week, travelers are starting to see change. What was pockmarked and covered in grime, a vast stretch of wall in the parking lot west of the station now gleams white. Albus Cavus and 45 DC youth, with the help of artists Pose 2, Quest Skinner, Decoy, Joshua Mays and Chor Boogie, and in conjunction with the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities Summer Youth Employment Program, have begun the transformation of a parking lot into a work of public art.


Today, the wall exists as a blank canvas, waiting for the ideas of the artists, participants, and community to traverse its surface. The artists and participants have collaborated to create a plan for the 300-foot wall, considering the history and timeline of the Edgewood neighborhood during a period of transition. “We’ve talked to the people who live in Edgewood and the young people who are working on the designs and painting with us. Everyone is excited to see their ideas included in the mural,” artist Alicia “Decoy” Cosnahan explained. By soliciting input from the community, the mural becomes a piece of art that is owned by the community, not the individual.

A significant part of the mural plan is to bring together the people and places of DC. Through paint, the wall will present images that are singularly DC, yet are defined by the artists’ personalities, as well as the neighborhood’s. The wall will be a veritable collage of viewpoints. “Through this mural and in this space, the whole city is interconnected. DC’s young, the old, and everyone in between is involved in the Edgewood mural and gets to be a part of what they want to see in the city,” artist Quest Skinner said.

On August 15, Albus Cavus is hosting a “mural jam” for local artists to contribute their work and extend the mural down the sprawling wall to the street. On August 22, the mural will be unveiled at a Public Opening. The event invites the community to learn and appreciate the artwork and will feature live music, deejays, giveaways and an artist market.

The mural will be transforming lives and helping the neighborhood transition towards its potential. The new Metropolitan Branch Trail will run alongside the mural, bringing cycle wheels, rollerblades, and jogging shoes to the neighborhood. When the mural is complete, the grey wall seen from the Rhode Island Metro stop will have ceased to exist. In its place, colors and designs will have appeared, wheeling across the wall. It will have transcended artistic ownership and be a gift to the Edgewood and greater DC community. Artist Quest Skinner concluded, “Our goal in life is not just to express ourselves but to give our natural gifts to the public.”

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Photo Credit: Mika Altskan

For interviews and high resolution photos, please contact Massey Media at 202 518-6186


Americans Want Under 1.5 Degrees and Green Jobs

June 25, 2009 Be Green, Fields, Place Opinions

Young Americans ask Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and President Barack Obama for strong action on Climate Policy at the G8 and Copenhagen summit

** Youth to rally again outside White House, 8:00 AM on Friday 6/26, as Merkel meets with Obama **

Climate action leaders dance with gigantic green hard hats, as well as cut-outs of Obama and Merkel, to urge the heads of state to take stronger action on climate change and support good, green jobs. (Photo by Julie Erickson.)

Climate action leaders dance with gigantic green hard hats, as well as cut-outs of Obama and Merkel, to urge the heads of state to take stronger action on climate change and support good, green jobs. (Photo by Julie Erickson.)

Washington DC – American youth holding gigantic green hard hats and signs danced in front of the German Embassy today in order to advocate for aggressive international climate policy. Several of them held a huge banner that read “Americans Want Under 1.5 Degrees and Green Jobs.” They dance to encourage  Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and President Barack Obama to set the international limit on global temperature increase to 1.5 ˚C and support good, green jobs.

As the youth demonstrated at the Embassy, Merkel was preparing to meet with Obama on Friday. The two had planned on discussing the upcoming G8 summit as well as climate change issues.

“The decisions that Obama and Merkel make are going to significantly impact the state of the world that I grow up in. The youth will bear the brunt of the impacts of climate change,” says one of the dancing hard hats, Matthew Maiorana. “Our leaders need to set bold targets that show the world that the United States and Germany are ready to be climate leaders. We also call on them to commit to attending the important Copenhagen summit on climate change and adhere to a science-based climate policy.”

The youth assembled today with 11 larger-than-life cardboard green hard hats and cut outs of Obama and Merkel’s faces. Hoisting their hard hats, they participated in a choreographed dance with visages of Obama and Merkel. A huge banner that read “Americans Want Under 1.5 Degrees and Green Jobs” provided a backdrop for the festivities.

Their dance, they said, shows what America’s youth want for their future. It represents the connection between solutions to climate change and good, green jobs to lift America out of its current economic crisis. The youth also called for a global temperature increase limit to be set at 1.5˚C, a position supported by Merkel. If the temperature rises above this mark, tropical island states like the Marshall Islands and the Maldives will be under water.

America's youth dance to show what America's youth want for their future. The dance represents the connection between solutions to climate change and good, green jobs to lift America out of its current economic crisis. (Photo by Julie Erickson.)

America's youth dance to show what America's youth want for their future. The dance represents the connection between solutions to climate change and good, green jobs to lift America out of its current economic crisis. (Photo by Julie Erickson.)

“The G8 is an opportunity for heads of states to discuss the issues that are most pressing in our world,” said Rachel Young, a young American present at the event. “They are charged with ensuring that we are meeting the needs of all the countries, including the demands from small island states, who are calling for a temperature rise limit of 1.5 ˚C.”

America and Germany have the incredible opportunity to usher in a new era of clean energy economies, which starts with committing to a target of temperature stabilization of below 1.5˚C, and creating green jobs for all.

Today’s actions accompany a dramatic increase in grassroots mobilization around the up and coming floor vote, the American Clean and Energy Security Act of 2009 HR 2454. Which will lay the foundation for America’s stance in the upcoming international climate negotiations in Copenhagen.

The youth were working with Avaaz.org an international advocacy organization of 3.5 million members worldwide and 200,000 members in Germany. They are planning a second event for Friday at 11 AM at the White House.

Sarah’s CreativesDC talk on how to make press tonight! 6/9

June 9, 2009 Fields

CreativesDC meets again this Tuesday, June 9th at 6:30 PM, at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. At this CreativesDC event, you will hear some of DC’s most dynamic women, including Sarah Massey, tell us how they use creativity to grow their businesses in 3 minutes, 20 seconds each, using imagery (similar to Pecha Kucha for those of you who may have been to one of their events). Check out the nice shout out at Free in DC, Amy Melrose’s fabulous blog about great things to do in DC.

I hope to see y’all tonight!

- Sarah Massey

Meet Kimberly, Massey Media’s New Intern!

June 4, 2009 Fields

Kimberly Killen

Massey Media welcomes Kimberly Killen to the team! Kimberly will intern as a research assistant for the summer. A senior at Wellesley College, she is double-majoring in Political Science and English. She is an avid reader, cook, and dancer, and is currently debating the merits of graduate school versus culinary school.

In news reporting if you don’t have credibility, you’ve got nothing

March 24, 2009 Fields

A Photographer’s Blog takes on credibility. Click on it.

ok, I will kick us off

February 10, 2009 Fields

welcome to the new Massey Media blog, where we will try to communicate to the larger world about why we try to communicate about progressive issues and social justice. I thought it’d be funny to do a lexicon as we tend to use a lot of jargon even though we are trying to reach new audiences and broaden the base for social change. Today’s word is smile-and-dial.

Smile-and-dial: refers to press pitch calls where we have created a script and a list and you basically have to call that list all day, everyday to cajole a reporter into covering your issue. Many times, the smile-and-dial technique is used to invite reporters to come out to cover a press event vs. trying to get them to do the bigger story. You have to smile when you dial because it changes the tenor of your voice and makes you seem happier and more friendly. Try it.

- Sarah Massey

Massey Media’s Blog

Own the Press was founded on the belief that news makes things happen, and you can make your own news. The big vision is that the world needs more good news to create positive change. Own the Press has three purposes:  
1. To give you the tools to makes your own news.  
2. To give you examples of good journalism.
3. To bring you good news.

You will find articles on how to own the press (tactics) in the Massey Media Toolkit.  We have organized examples of using these tactics under five rubrics.
1. Be Seen demonstrates the necessity and power of the visual.
2. Make Headlines is how to create news.
3. Place Opinions is an important, but often overlooked, way of owning the press.
4. Create Buzz Online illustrates the many ways to grow your audience.  
4.Tell Your Story is really the first and most basic skill you need to own the press.

We are glad that you have joined us in this endeavor. Together, we can change the world, one headline at a time.

Have an idea for a post? Please email us info(at)massey-media.com. THANKS!

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